Fun of missing out.

Problem: Postmates doesn't know their audience.

Insight: Nearly a third of people 18–24, aka hungry-busy-digital-native-millenials avoid going to restaurants and would rather order in because they don't feel like "dealing" with people.*

*According to a study by Ohio-based Frisch's Restaurants.


Experiential: The Postmates Isolation Truck would travel to music and food truck festivals, and provide a place for introverts to go and relax by themselves when their friends drag them out.

Facebook: Allow Postmates access to your Facebook account data, and it'll reward you for every event you're invited to that you RSVP "Can't Go" to.

Instagram: Allow Postmates access to your Instagram account data, and it'll keep track of all the food accounts you follow... and all the friend accounts you unfollow.

The more you replace your friends with food, the more rewards you'll earn.

Outdoor: Strategically placed billboards above restaurants in high-foot traffic areas.

Art: Victoria Garza & Hannah Gilbertson     Copy: George Comatas & Ryan Kane