Oh, the Hairror!

[silver addy winner]

Problem: Unclogging the drain is a nightmare.

Solution: Poke fun at this real-life horror story by creating a campaign in the spirit of cheesy '50s horror movies.

Environmental: Installations where these hair creatures would "grow" over time to bring attention to the growth of clogs in drains.

Twitter: A choose your own adventure horror story made through the series feature on twitter with over 100 tweets. The game teaches real tips on cleaning clogs and the players who survive to the end are awarded with free product. Check it out @DranoBazil if you're up for it.



Bus shelter: Slimy SFX start on the right of the person sitting, travel to the left, and direct their eye to what appears to be a hair creature emerging out of a manhole.

Then the message appears.


Art: Ashley Crouch     Copy: Ryan Kane