SCAD Ad Club


As the SCAD Ad Club approached its second year, the new board needed to make sure that we could keep its momentum strong. As one of two project managers for the club, my partner and I were tasked with overseeing the weekly scheduling and facilitation of projects, events, and workshops. Together with the rest of the club, we helped further the new branding through social media and internal communications across the SCAD Advertising department.

DIRECTOR: Harry Werner   PROJECT MANAGERS: George Comatas, Ryan Kane   INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS: Cameron Cartwright, Ashley Crouch, Sage Lucero   EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS: Gustavo Gonsales, Chanel Peek, Fayethe Vongsouvanh


Twitter: Chanel Peek | @scad_adclub          Facebook: Gustavo Gonsales | @SCADAdClub          Instagram: Fayethe Vongsouvanh | @scad_adclub

Art: Ashley Crouch          Copy: Sage Lucero



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