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How do you announce new Black superheroes to a fanbase that has historically not been kind to them? In a word, Hopepunk. In more words, constant support to talent while fighting racists using the comic book language they hold so dear. Additionally, we helped bring DC FanDome to life, as well as created heaps of content for their lengthy list of shows.
The CW's New Batwoman and Other Gamechangers
The new Batwoman came ready to fight. To keep that energy going, we organized a livestream panel with a focus on Black women leading in their fields where no topic was left untouched. Click to watch.
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For the first time ever, DC launched a digital only gathering of their fans for all the biggest reveals and news. What began as a massive two-part celebration of all things DC superheroes, only grew in size. Then, we brought the biggest spotlight we had for all the Blerds we could find, and then invited everyone to the best party of the event, the #BLERDandBOUJEE afterparty.
The Rest of WBTV's Roster
While many of their stories revolve around superheroes, we also found time to highlight premieres, trends and moments across their ever-expanding list of shows.
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Keria Martin
Larger WBTV Team
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